Our Staff

TCEDC has chosen to work on Community Based Economic Development through value-added and educational opportunities, providing assets and tools for the community that supports and protects the environment of this unique valley. It is with our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation of this community that we introduce to you our staff.

Mercedes RodriguezExecutive Director
Amalio MadueñoInterim Financial Manager
Nathanael D. H. Jones Development/Outreach Coordinator
Vicky KarhuOASDFR Grant Manager/Evaluator
Corilia OrgegaOASDFR Community Organizer
Ruth Gonzalez Office Receptionist

Our Board

Dan Barrone President (at-large) Town of Taos, Mayor
Tom Blankenhorn (Taos County) Taos County Commission Designate
Gabriel Romero, Vice-President (at-large) Taos County Commissioner
Reva Suazo (at-large) Tribal Realty Officer, Taos Pueblo
Richard Archuleta (Taos Pueblo) TP Designate Governor's Office
Pascualito Maestas (Town of Taos) Town Of Taos Council Designate
Trinidad Arguello, Secretary/Treasurer (at-large) Compostela Community & Family Cultural Institute
Terrie Bad Hand Co-Founder