“People forget their history. They don’t know that that happened, so they think our quality of life is a result of our inability to live, and we’re just crazy, or we’re sick, or we’re cursed.” –  Joseluis Ortiz

Every once in a while, we come across a story or an article that speaks to our mission at TCEDC. Our neighbors at The Rio Grande Sun published an article last week, written by that encapsulated everything we at TCEDC believe in, have worked towards, and vehemently fight for. Montgomery shares the stories of nineteen young people in Northern New Mexico, some with farming experience, others without, that have returned to work the land. Some of these individuals are trying to live on what they grow, but many of them continue to work fulltime jobs to make ends meet and pay for the costs of revitalizing the land. Their decision to make this lifestyle choice coincides with the choice of many young people across the U.S. who are now leaving cities and returning to rural lifestyles. Through environmental and agricultural movements, people are beginning to re-value land-based traditions. In Northern New Mexico, these farmers are attempting to redefine what success looks like. They are less concerned with how much of a salary they can make and are more concerned with how to live.

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